Visiting Halong bay, enjoying kayaking must be the best way to explore this beautiful bay. The fact is that if you stay on the big boat, you just sightseeing and  you can not touch to the water, the beaches and islets in Halong bay. However, by this manner, you can easily discover by yourself almost famous places in Halong bay, touch them and know why the Halong bay become one of the seven wonder of the world.

Get on the kayaking, you can visit the hidden areas in Halong bay that the big boat can not. They are array of islets, hidden caves, lagoons, floating fishing villages… Depending on the length of your Halong bay trip, the cruise crew can allow the guests choose the most suitable time and area to enjoy kayaking.

To have a great time for kayaking in Halong bay, the guest are not only required to follow the tour guide, but also recommended to prepare suitable clothes like T-shirt and short, swimming suit… and to bring the water, sun cream…

Enjoying kayaking with Halong Viola Cruiser, you do not have to pay any extras, just admiring the beauty of Halong bay and totally relaxing.