Cooking Class

Overview about Vietnamese Food

Actually, Vietnamese Culinary Art is always an attractive element and it takes important part to contribute in the development the tourism factor. With the fresh ingredient and the excellent combination of the typical elements, it makes Vietnamese food become the one of the most well-known cuisine in over the world.

Normally, in the purpose to broadcast the Vietnamese cuisine to the international friends, Vietnamese Cooking Class nowadays opens from the North to South in Vietnam and it becomes more and more popular with the foreigner tourists.

Cooking class on Halong Bay Viola Cruiser

When take Halong bay 2 days/1 night with Halong Viola Cruiser, all of the guests have an opportunity to enjoy Cooking Class – a great chance to discover the beauty of Vietnamese Food on Cruise, it will absolutely makes your Halong bay cruise become unforgettable.

For almost Halong bay cruise, cooking cruise class is included in the booking, the guest do not need to extra payment for joining it. On Viola Cruise 2 days or 3 days, the cooking class will work in the same manner. After checking-out the cabin, all guests are required to laze around the sundeck to start cooking class and to make Traditional Vietnamese Spring Roll – one of the most delicious dishes in Vietnam and really easy to prepare and cook.

Upon ending the cooking class, the Chef will continue to present to the guests the a traditional Vietnamese Family Meal. This Traditional Vietnamese Meal is significant to Vietnamese people which do appreciate the period of family union.

In brief, cooking class surely makes up your trip and it is also the wonderful time can help you to learn a very simple dishes but delicious one in the Vietnamese Dishes Menu.