About Us

Halong bay is considered as one of the most famous touristy site in Vietnam. To most of tourists in Vietnam, visiting Halong bay have to be in the top of “must go” list.

Halong Viola Cruise is the newly built cruise in Halong bay with the design in the traditional and elegant style. This cruise with the capacity of more than 30 guests for overnights-16 comfortable cabins with modern furniture, A/C  private bathroom in each cabin, its topside bar, a gourmet restaurant, the beautiful sun deck. Beside that, the experienced crew, enthusiasm tour guide and the taste dishes combines with the interesting itinerary will definitely bring to the guests the “PERFECT” during the trip.

As mentioned, Halong Viola Cruise is one of the newest cruise in Halong bay, but it is well-designed in the traditional style – an exotic oriental junk. With 3 decks designed with Asia traditional decor, Halong Viola Cruise boasts romantic wooden fixtures, a multitude of windows to make the most of the amazing views, and a spectacular upper deck for your total relaxation.

Dinning Room and Bar


We clearly know that the meals take an really important part to make your trip perfect, thus we always try the best to make Dinning Room and Bar become a special place for all of the guests on this Halong Viola Cruise.

Situated on the second floor, our Dinning Room is a spacious room with the private tables made from the precious wood that surely make the guets can have a comfortable seat while tasting the most delicious dishes and seafood in Halong bay. With years of experience, Halong Viola Cruise’s Chefs will introduce to you the selected dishes during your meal, take you on a Vietnamese Gatronomic Journey. In our menu, we do not prepare only seafood, but also traditional dishes that can bring to the guests the unforgettable taste about Vietnamese food and sea food in Halong bay. Beside, we also do not forget to have vegetarian menu that can respond of any special food requirements.

The Bar on the deck also serves a good selection of spirits, wines and beer and those are readily available to you at an additional cost.



As we have introduced in the previous part, there are 16 cruise cabins for Halong Viola Cruise:

  • Deluxe Cabin 18.0 m2
  • Luxury Cabin 18.0 m2
  • Suite Cabin 21.0 m2



If you want to find the most ideal place to relaxing and get the panorama of Halong bay from your cruise, it must be the sundeck. In the summer, the sundeck can be considered as the most crowded place on the cruise. In this manner, the guest can easily soak up the sunshine and enjoy the view of Halong bay.

Not only being an great place during the day. In the night, this is also the lovely location that all the guests can admire the beautiful star from the night sky. Everything is well-combined and make your Halong bay by night become unforgettable one.


For almost of cruises in Halong bay, the guest can enjoy all interesting activities such as Swimming, Kayaking, Cooking Class, Fishing, Massage & Spa… but with the different itinerary, join with Halong Viola Cruise, the guest will definitely have chance to experience with array of more enjoyable activities.

One more special point is that in the regular occasion (guests’ birthday, honeymoon, X-mast, new year…), Halong Viola Cruise always organize the small party that all of guests can share together the important moment of their life.

On board safety

The boat itself was designed by the Industrial Ship Designing Institute and is inspected by the local Maritime Registration Authority annually and certified accordingly. It is designed to be balanced even with a 23-degree list. The Vietnamese Marine Authorities certify all materials and equipment used in the construction of the boat construction from the wood and steel, electrical cables and generators. Every vessel is fitted with professional marine safety equipment:  VHF Radio, GPS Plotting, Two-way radios, Water Ingress Alarm System, Anti-sinking Pump System, Fire Alarm system  System and Fire Extinguishers. The Viola boats have double the safety coefficient required by the authorities.

All The Halong Viola Cruise vessels operate under professional daily technical supervision and ongoing maintenance schedules, which will insure you cruising Halong Bay in a completely safe environment. Each vessel maintenance schedule includes regular monthly and bi-annual routine maintenance and an annual dry-docking to ensure all aspects of seaworthiness and accommodation are in good condition.

All The Viola Cruise vessels are covered with maximum vessel insurance based on the vessel certification, including total Crew and Passenger capacity.

Safety on board

For all of our Vietnam cruises, The Viola Cruise places the highest priority on the safety and security of our vessels and all Passengers, Crew and Crew members onboard.The Viola Cruise vessel is commanded by a Captain, and manned by a professional Deck Crew and Crew members. All Crew and Crew members have training certificates or recognized expertise accredited by the relevant Vietnamese Government Authorities.Our Cruise Managers conduct a safety briefing prior to departure, which includes onboard procedures and clear instructions in case of emergency.

All The Viola Cruise Crew are trained for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and dealing with emergencies. Refresher training and live drills are conducted every month.